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About Myself

At La Quemada, Zacatecas State, Mexico

The trip to Mexico was really brilliant, learned a lot, cooked rattlesnake, boiled and then collected the bones from a putrid coyote (words fail to describe how it smelled after boiling then sitting in 35-40 Celsius for 5 days), and got to spend 6 weeks pretending I didn’t live in England.

Having so much free time now, I will be doing a lot more writing up and cooking, so keep reading, and I look forwards to any feedback!

June 2011 – Well, this needed a re-write as I am soon to finish university life! No more essays and only a 20,000 word dissertation left to go! It is due in September, and I have a exciting trip excavating in Mexico (July 23-Sept 1) coming up, which may make the whole dissertation writing a little difficult, but will hopefully mean a slew of Mexican recipes in the future. Also, this coming Sunday (19th June), I will become a 22 year old, so that part of the old profile would no longer be true either!

The cooking is still going well, but the writing not so, I have a huge backlog of photos that I have not yet written the recipes up for (at least 2-3 a week over several months that I haven’t done yet). Any feedback people provide will be much appreciated, I think most of my friends who look at the blog just do so to salivate a while and don’t really make many of the recipes, although all the feedback I do get is very positive and I am thankful for it. –   This man is a hero. I have been cooking elaborate meals as a means of procrastination shortly before the deadline for every essay I have had due since beginning as an undergraduate.


Last update: Thursday 16.06.2011

  1. Are you from Finland, then?

    Keep up the good procrastination! Breads and stews and pork are all good on cold snowy days. We had a fine ol’ blizzard here on the East Coast of the States last week, dumped about two feet of snow and I just loved it. Hence my own foray back into meatier dishes- pork, bison, fried rice and soon, a sourdough bread. But I bake gluten-free, so that will be a challenge.

    When I lived in Monterey, about 2 hours south of San Francisco, I made old-fashioned, 49ers Gold-Rush-style sourdough bread from scratch almost weekly. The same starter lasted almost 2 years, until I gave up the house and moved back east. Now the challenge for me is to bake gluten free bread that tastes rustic. Had some luck once with a regular french baguette. Next, this sourdough business…

    I will check back. I like photos of Europe and tiny cafes and restaurants, too, so if you’d include a few, you’ve got my attention!

    Thanks, Silky

    • My mum is!
      Which makes me a mix of English, Scottish and Finnish. But I live in England and frankly my Finnish is appalling, I speak it like a 4 year old!

      I love snow so much, but it generally sucks in England, this year we had a period of about 2 weeks where there was around 6 inches of snow on the ground, everything stopped! no post, no rubbish collection, no schools open, most people told not to come into work. England descends into chaos whenever we even get a light dusting. Last winter I went on a skiing holiday in Ylläs, northern Finland, which was my first proper experience of deep snow. Well I say a skiing holiday… I went with my neighbors family and I couldn’t afford to go downhill skiing so it was a week of snowshoe walking on fells by myself and drinking coffee in a secret little art gallery/coffee shop deep in the woods. The landscape was breathtaking, all the trees had been convoluted by the weight of the snow into bizarre shapes and bent over to form tiny caves. I got to see the Northern lights too!

      Sadly, where my parents live in England is a bit grotty and post industrial, although the town I go to university in is much nicer and surrounded by small rural villages and moors.

      I’ll try and get some pictures in for you at some point! I have a lot of rural Portugal and various places in Finland which would probably fit the bill. I just need to think of some recipes I can use to fit them in, as this is a cooking blog at the moment, I’m thinking of putting up a recipe for homemade berry juice, but its a bit out of season.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Well, Tom, lots of people include little personal stories in their recipe blogs, which adds to the readers experience, and photos are just a natural extension of that…like that bread ring you made and photographed…perfect opportunity to post a snowy pic of FInland…you get the idea.

    The snow in northern Finland for your ‘snowshoeing’ trip sounds mystical. I actually envy you spending time in “a secret little art gallery/coffee shop deep in the woods”. Sounds so solo-romantic. Sometimes it is warming just to spend time alone in an inspiring place. I do it in Carmel, California when I am out there…and on a damp-cold, fog-laden day when you can hardly see past your nose, it is the perfect time to get a cup of your favorite cappacino or late’ and go sit under the massive old cypress trees on the beach dune that practically envelop you in their giant, over-reaching roots…the ones Ansel Adams photographed. Unfortunately, last time I was there, so many of the trees had to be cut down and away due to some mysterious destructive disease.

    Love the idea of rural photographs…that’s why we visit blogs on the web, isnt it? to see different places in the world and learn how people live there. Very glad to have found your blog!


  3. Nicholas permalink

    all this looks lovely, but where on earth do I find the ingredients. I am not made of money and my cupboard is bare. What o what can i do?

  4. missCordelia permalink

    I just came across your site, this is fantastic!!! And yes, ironically I came across it as I was looking for a recipe for ruisleipä, in an effort to distract myself from an essay due tomorrow 😀

    How are your classes going?

    • Thankyou very much! I get a lot of my friends and acquaintances saying how much they like my food and the blog, and a reasonable amount of traffic coming to it every day. But precious little in the way of comments or feedback on the recipes and peoples thoughts, but blog writing is pretty addictive so that is ok 🙂

      It just happens that I have my last two assignments before my dissertation are due in on the 5th May, and then student life is over! Scary! So these last few days I have been putting a lot of effort into making a few special things (coming up) and lots of spring time wild food recipes.


  5. Jane H permalink

    Have just found your recipe for francesinhas, which my kids are dying to try. I have happy memories of wolfing these down (well, until we ground to a halt with sheer calories) in Oporto.

  6. Hello!
    I’ve just come across your page after posting 18th birthday greetings for Ben, whom I know at a certain building where your dad holds a certain position…!

    Anyway, I love love, love the recipes and must try them out. Keep up the writing and procrastination. It works wonders 🙂

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