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Buffalo Wings – Enough Said

November 1, 2011

If you bread it and call it a buffalo wing, I sneer. Seen the recipe on the BBC Good Food blog? Despite their zealous assertion those are not Buffalo Wings… The recipe for Buffalo wings is sacred (while the way you eat them is so so dirty and profane) and it should not be tampered with in any way, it is perfect. Three ingredients, Cooking Oil and Seasonings, anything else is an abomination! A wolf in lambs clothing! Beware. Oven baked? Bah! If you want healthy, go eat a carrot…

All of that said, I did adapt the Cheese Dip to my own tastes, but I am not calling it Blue Cheese Dip, so if you change the recipe, give it a new name.

– Recipe –


1kg skin on raw Chicken Wings

 5 tablespoons Butter

5-15 tablespoons Hot Sauce (Franks Original or Louisiana style) I use home-made Habanero-Vinegar Sauce

Salt and Pepper

Cooking Oil – enough to fill your chosen pan to a depth of  2 inches

  1. Begin to heat the Oil, it is ready when a breadcrumb will bubble and fizz on the surface
  2. Cut the tips off of each wing and discard, then cut each wing through the joint (see photos)
  3. Rub the Wings with a little Salt
  4. Heat the Butter in a small pan till just melted, take off the heat and reserve in a wide-bottomed bowl. Pour the desired amount of Hot Sauce into another wide-bottomed bowl
  5. Fry the Wings in batches in the hot Oil till golden and crispy (around 8-12 minutes), you want the skin to ‘pop-up’ in places and a really nice golden colour, don’t be afraid to leave them in a while and let them crisp up.
  6. Drain in a bowl and pat dry with kitchen paper. Transfer the wings to the bowl with the melted Butter and toss till coated
  7. Transfer the wings to the bowl with the Hot Sauce and then toss again, till coated. Keeping the Butter and Hot Sauce separate makes for a crispy rather than soggy end result!
  8. Serve immediately with Blue Cheese Dip or my slight variation



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  1. Sam permalink

    Buffalos have wings?

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