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Recipes for Mexican Tepache (Alcoholic Pineapple Juice) and Pineapple Vinegar

October 20, 2011

This is a lovely drink! It would probably be best described as the Mexican cousin of Caribbean Ginger Beer, slightly alcoholic, sweet and sour and fizzy from fermentation. It is sold straight out of the barrels and ceramic pots it is fermented in on street corners and in little stalls. You get a big plastic cup, lots of ice and a tangy salt, sugar and  chilli mix around the edge which if you think it tastes somewhat odd at first, after drinking a couple you will soon learn to like it. Complete refreshment!

Pineapple Vinegar is incredibly easy to make and a good way to use up any excess Tepache you may make, Tepache of course being an excellent way to use those pineapple skins you always throw in the bin. So making the vinegar is pretty much a delicious method of reducing waste from what is already using waste products.

– Recipe –


rind and core of one Pineapple

roughly 200-600g of Brown Sugar, 200 will produce a sour drink, 700 a sweet drink

roughly 1 litre of warm Water

Lime Juice to taste

  1.  Mix the Brown Sugar and Warm Water in a large ceramic vessel with a fitting lid until the Sugar is dissolved.
  2. Coarsely chop the Pineapple rind and core and add to the vessel, top up with Water, add a pinch of yeast if it is winter or you are going to ferment it in a cold area, and then place the lid on.
  3. Leave in the warmest area of your house from 3-5 days while avoiding taking the lid off too much (there is a danger of mould or vinegar forming) and then strain, discard the Pineapple pieces.
  4. Taste, adjust the sugar levels and then store the juice in a plastic bottle in a refrigerator for at least 24 hours, the pressure combined with the carbon dioxide being released from the sugar being converted to alcohol produces the fizzyness. Check the bottle occasionally, as they can explode.
  5. If you want to drink it from glass bottles, never store in glass for more than 2 days,  leave a large amount of air in each bottle and keep it refrigerated at all times, the danger of exploding glass is not something you want to take lightly.
  6. When serving, add Sugar if needed and a few splashes of Lime Juice per serving. Pour a small amount of Lime juice in a bowl and rub the rims of each glass in the Juice.
  7. Mix 2 parts Sugar to 1 part Salt and a few pinches of Chilli Powder (to taste). Rub the rims in this mix till coated, add Ice to each glass and then pour the Tepache in.
  8. To make the Pineapple Vinegar: pour leftover Tepache into a glass jar, place a cheese cloth over the top and then simply leave for a month or so until the alcohol has been converted to vinegar through fermentation. Strain if needed and then store.


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  1. I want this!

  2. Thanks for the gonna try it out.

  3. My boyfriend and I *loved* how easy and tasty your recipe was for tepache — thanks for posting! In case you’re interested, here’s a pic and recipe for cocktails we made with our fermented pineapple goodness:

    • Aww, excellent! I’m very glad to hear your feedback, that’s quite an interesting project you have going! About the exploding, one time when I made ginger beer (almost the same recipe as tepache) I bottled it and left some in the fridge for three days, when I got around to opening the bottles I lost about half of each one to fizzing over and I’m pretty sure if I had left them out in the warm they would have already exploded before that :/ Here’s a good experiment, get a big plastic squash bottle and fill it with still-fermenting tepache, attach a balloon to the top and secure it tightly with rubber bands, the balloon will be totally full in just hours. I make it in flimsy plastic bottles squeezing the air out and then leaving lots of room at the top and then if I want fancy presentation will move it to sealed glass a few hours before serving.

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