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Suomi Salmari – Finnish Salty Licorice Vodka

September 17, 2011

Salmiakki Koskenkorva is the shop bought version of this drink, it’s 40% alcohol and you really cannot tell at all, the full strength drink has to be drank slowly, but if you get it to the rough colour I have made here, then it is just worryingly easy to drink, so be careful.

Ok, so, take a bottle of cheap Vodka (Viina if you are in Finland) and a packet of Salmiakki liquorish (Tyrkish Pebber by choice), smash or cut the Liquorish up a little and then pour it into the bottle, shake a lot, let stand 24 hours or so, shake more, sieve, re-bottle and then drink and party like a Finnish teenager!


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