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Sweet Iced Coffee

July 13, 2011

(Edit: You can tell I wrote some of these a long time before posting, and took the photos even longer before! Oh Well)

This is a little bit easy to really count as a recipe in my opinion, but hey, I drink this maybe 3-6 times a week and who says I can’t post something that’s just easy and fun every so often if I should feel like it, especially when so little effort makes something taste so good.

This is a drink for summer time and for after exercising, but the day I am writing this up, it is raining heavily and I am in a bad mood, I enjoy escapism. I took the pictures months ago and until things heat up a bit, I really wont be making this any time soon, so come back sunshine!!!

– Recipe –

makes 1  mug

1-3 shots espresso

1-4 teaspoons Sugar



  1. Make your Espresso, stir in the Sugar, top up with Milk, stir in the Ice.
  2. Drink and contemplate your day.



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