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Oven Dried Herbed Tomatoes with Garlic in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

July 5, 2011

This one is fun and very simple, a good way to use up a glut of tomatoes from the green house or to take advantage of any special offers you may find when out shopping (the whole bag of tomatoes used here cost me a grand total of £1!!!) and is well worth the small amount of effort involved. Especially when you consider the hideously large price a jar of the same volume of dried tomatoes would have cost you down at a supermarket!

These are good with anything pasta related, on top of soups, or even just on their own or with a bit of crispy bread as a snack.

  1. Cut the Tomatoes in half, scoop out most of the seeds if using a juicy variety and salt lightly and then place cut side down on a baking tray with one side of the tray raised above the other (use a large book), let drain like this for about half an hour. Pour away the juices.
  2. Put the oven on gas mark 2, sprinkle the Tomatoes in Oregano, Parsley and Olive Oil and then cook cut side up for 3-6 hours till shrivelled and very wrinkled, the drier they get, the stronger the final flavour.
  3. Sterilise jars, pour Olive Oil in the bottom, add a layer of Tomatoes, more Oil and repeat till the jar is full, making sure that each jar has no Tomatoes exposed above the Oil as these will go off eventually.
  4. Make sure the Tomatoes are always substantially below the Oil line and store in a cool dry place.


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