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Sucuklu Yumurta: Turkish Breakfast Omelette with trimmings, also, cooking with Sumac

June 30, 2011

This is a good breakfast, especially when hungover. My friend Can introduced me when I visited his flat for a weekend earlier this year, a strange time involving water-balloon attacks, donkeys on the street in the middle of Camden, strangulation, Aztec art and failed attempts to visit ‘Transformation Shop‘, heheheh!

I then had it again at the lovely Dinosaur Café in Exeter, it’s not a place to go out for a fancy meal, but if you want actual good meals, well priced, cooked just right and very friendly helpful staff, go to it! It’s the only place I regularly eat out at by choice in Exeter! Anyway, I was sitting there, enjoying the food, and the trimmings thinking I would like to and can make this myself, so when friends came to visit for a fishing trip and triple birthday, I made this.

Oh, also, this is important so listen!!! Sumac, people, Sumac! If you are doing Meat, BBQ, Rice, Vegetables, Salads Sumac works on them all! It’s the ground berry of the Staghorn, a common garden ornamental in the U.K., although I think the variety or species used in spice production is bred specially for the berries, the garden stuff has seeds which are just too small and bland (personal experience). It adds a complex sour/sweet flavour to meals and a whole extra dimension of taste, especially when poured liberally over BBQ’d meats. So go to a Middle Eastern/Indian store, find it, use it, and be converted.

– Recipe –

Per Person 

3 Eggs

5-15 thin Turkish Sausages slices (Sujuk) or other dry spiced sausage such as Chouriço

a pinch Paprika

a pinch Sumac

  1.  In batches in a small circular pan, fry the Sausage slices as crispy as you like it on a high heat. Turn the heat down a little, and then crack the Eggs into the pan, being careful not to break the yokes. Cook till the white is set but the yoke is still runny.
  2. Garnish with Salt, Pepper, Paprika and Sumac over the top and then serve with nice sides.

Ideas for serving:

– Black Olives with Sumac, Fresh chopped Mint and good Olive Oil

– Fresh French Bread

– Roasted and peeled Peppers and Tomatoes

– Feta and/or grilled Halloumi

– Hummus


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