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Juicy Beer-in-the-Butt Chicken! aka. Chicken on the Throne!

June 1, 2011

Ok, well the last recipe I put on here was a little excessive, I can admit that, so, I decided to follow it with another excessive cooking technique, something unusual and a little visually ridiculous. The photos are from my birthday last year at my friend Ed’s house, it was his birthday too, but no-one ever told his parents about me, so I just sat there singing Happy Birthday and watching him get cake, but the joy of cooking this more than makes up for that! 🙂

The fact that the Chicken has a can of Beer up there basically means it is constantly self-basting from the inside, so you get all the lovely crispy tender skin and mouthwatering aroma provided by the BBQ while also having a bird that literally is so tender it just falls off your fork and makes my mouth water all over the place.

If you are in somewhat polite company, Chicken on the Throne is a more appropriate name, but regardless of who you are with, the will love the flavour (well, not if they are vegetarian). Tender, crispy, aromatic, just wonderful.


– Recipe –

Feeds 2-4

1 Whole Chicken

An appropriate  Spice Mix

1 Can Lager


  1. Take the Chicken and rub with the Spices/Salt and Pepper all over, microwave for 5-10 minutes (unless you are actually good at BBQing, most people are not), remove and then place on a hot BBQ and brown all over for 10-20 minutes.
  2. Remove from the BBQ and let cool slightly, open a Beer, drink the first 2 inches, cut a ring off of the top of the can, put a few good sized handfuls of Rosemary in there and then stand up on a firm surface,  stretch the Chickens anus a little. Slowly and carefully begin to force the gape downwards onto the can until the bird is sitting on it’s little throne, and then adjust the position so it does not go off-balance when free-standing.
  3. The BBQ should have cooled a little, when it is around or under 200C, take the Chicken, sit it on the grill and put the lid down, cook till done.

Enjoy with Rice and sides!

One Comment
  1. haha I have only just seen this. So sorry about the birthday thing, makes me feel guilty every time I remember. We did provide you with many good cooking materials and Tesco Value beer…

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