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The Dandelion Wine experiment, pt.1

April 20, 2011

This is going to take me from six months to a year to make, and I have never even tasted the stuff! It’s all fun! I was basically walking past a huge dandelion patch and remembered my dad has mentioned in passing before that my uncle used to make really nice tasting Dandelion Wine when they were much younger, so it just seemed to be something fun and worthwhile for me to do. Also my house is 2 minutes walk from a brewing supplies shop, which helps.

It is currently sitting in my kitchen/living room bubbling away and smelling quite nice, I am going to top the demijohn (big glass jar) up with a bit more as it is only half full, and pray it wont ruin the flavour for next year!

– Recipe –

3 pints Dandelion Petals

750g Granulated Sugar

4 Oranges, Peelings and Juice (scrape all white pith off of the peelings!)

 1 gallon (8 pints) Water

250g Raisins

1/2 a tablespoon Yeast

  1. Seep the Petals in just boiled Water in a bowl with a cloth over it for 2 days.
  2. Bring to the boil for ten minutes, add the Orange Juice and Peeling, then strain into a bowl containing the Sugar. And then add the yeast when it is still slightly warm, but cool enough to hold your hand in it, 35 Celsius or so.
  3. Add the Raisins and pour into a Demijohn that has been fitted with a fermentation trap or a balloon with pinprick holes in it to allow gas to escape without bacteria entering and then… step two coming later!

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  1. Thank you for a great post.

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