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Really easy Finnish style Home-made Berry Juice and a photodump.

February 5, 2011

This is a bit out of season, I would normally make juice the same time I make jam, in the autumn… however my local supermarket had quite a good offer on packs of frozen berries. So I decided I would like to have a Summery drink that reminds me of visiting Finland, it also makes an excellent winter drink if you simply simmer the juice till just starting to steam.

The recipe and whole idea are pretty Finnish, a lot of Finns will go into the woods at some point in the summer and spend at least a few days picking Blueberries with which to make a wonderful mix of cakes, pies, preserves and juices, and you can see why people would do this in a country that seems to be 80% forest. However, in the English autumn, it is completely possible to do exactly the same. I try to make my years worth of jams and at least a couple of pints of juice every year. Even picking on the outskirts of cities, a huge variety of fruits with different uses can be found; Blackberries, Rowanberries, Hawthorn (surprisingly delicious jam! tastes like roses), Crab Apples, Elderberries and a couple of others can all be found within half an hour of my parents house in the middle of grimy old Walsall. So, when Autumn comes, go out and look!… till Autumn, I will just be content with using the frozen ones from the supermarket.

– Recipe –

Makes about a wine bottle full

500ml Berries, Currants and /or other Soft Fruits, use a mix, one variety or whatever you like as long as they are very soft and juicy

1 Lemon, juice only

Sugar, 350ml+, to taste

  1. Put the berries into a large thick bottomed sauce pan, cover over with water till the ones at the top just begin to float very slightly. Simmer and then add the sugar and lemon, stir in and continue to simmer till the berries are soft, mash, bring just to the boil.
  2. Line a sieve with a cheesecloth, old tea-towel or other fabric. Strain the juice without forcing any pulp through.
  3. Store in a sterile bottle in the fridge. This is a concentrate, mix 1 part Juice with 3-4 parts Water.
  4. Tastes especially good drank heated on cold winter nights!


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